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Startling New Evidence in Legal Battle Against Police Chief, Military Officials, & Helen Payne

In a rapidly evolving story that has captivated public attention, I find myself at the center of a legal confrontation with local Police Chief Robert Duff, Superintendent of Schools Helen Payne, and a group of seven military officials. I contend that this powerful coalition has unjustly targeted me, exercising viewpoint discrimination, and framed me as a security threat after I expressed concerns about the sexually explicit terms and concepts displayed in my local upper elementary school.

Examine the Verified Complaint addressing Civil Rights Violations and seeking Injunctive and Declaratory Relief in the case of Angela Reading v. North Hanover Township, New Jersey et al., submitted by Thomas More Society attorneys on March 15, 2023, to the United States Federal District Court for the District of New Jersey – Camden Vicinage. Access the complaint here and view the accompanying exhibits here.

Amended Complaint

In a crucial turn of events, my attorneys filed an amended complaint on April 20, 2023. This updated filing, strengthened by new information obtained through my Open Public Record Act (OPRA) requests, has unveiled previously hidden aspects of the case, substantially bolstering our position. The participation of numerous officials lends weight to the notion of a well-orchestrated conspiracy against me.

To maintain transparency and ensure the public’s right to information, I have shared the amended complaint along with pertinent exhibits for public review below. I urge everyone to examine these documents to draw their own conclusions and to understand the implications of the potential weaponization of government against American citizens. I firmly believe that our courts have an obligation to intervene and safeguard the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Shocking Text Messages

Among the most striking findings in this case are a series of text message exchanges between Police Chief Duff and Superintendent Payne. These communications, now accessible to the public, bring to light significant concerns regarding the motives and actions of those involved in the case. Disturbingly, there are instances where Duff and Payne refer to me and other conservatives as “nuts” and “sick in the head.” Such language is alarming, especially when it comes from influential government employees. While some messages have been disclosed, there remains a persistent resistance to reveal the entire collection, leading to apparent gaps and omitted details. I have compiled a summary of the most noteworthy text messages to help highlight these critical points.

The Intricate Web of Communication

The image provided below, as featured in the amended complaint, illustrates the intricate network of communication surrounding my seemingly innocuous Facebook post. In my opinion, this is quite alarming.

Educators Trying to Suppress Free Speech

It is deeply concerning that not only did the police chief, school superintendent, and military officials call for the censorship of my speech and those who share my views, but other government employees also demanded censorship. They claimed that by exercising my right to free speech, I was somehow responsible for the reactions of others. We all have the right to express our opinions without the threat of legal action from a teacher or any other authority figure. It is essential to protect these fundamental rights in a democratic society.

You Must Have the “Right” Opinions to Hold Office

In a disconcerting turn of events, not only have teachers advocated for censorship and legal action against those with dissenting opinions, but a parent (whose identity I will allow to maintain anonymous) has also claimed that anyone who has supported my right to free speech should be disqualified from holding public office. This is a prime example of exclusionary attitudes that threaten our fundamental democratic principles. Such Draconian behavior not only impedes the free expression of ideas and opinions but also restricts the fundamental right to participate in the democratic process.

Unwavering Commitment to Justice

Determined to fight for transparency, justice, and the protection of individual rights, I hope that my story will inspire others to stand up against the weaponization of government and demand that our courts and elected officials fulfill their obligation to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens.

As this case progresses, I will continue to provide updates and share relevant documents, keeping the public informed and engaged. Together, we can expose the truth and work toward creating a society where the rights and freedoms of all individuals are respected and upheld.

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