Cancel Culture, Free Speech

The Battle for Truth: Harassment & Censorship on the North Hanover Parent’s Page

Individuals resorting to censorship, moral manipulation, and harassment are frequently motivated by the fear of being exposed, as they seek to conceal hidden truths lurking behind their actions.

The North Hanover Parents page once served as a vital platform for parents to share information and provide mutual support. However, in recent years, it has devolved into a hotbed of hostility, where a single perspective dominates, stifling dissenting opinions and fostering animosity and division.

In this blog post, I contend, based on my personal experience that the deterioration of this group and the community’s morale is not due to my own or others who agree with me exercising free speech. Rather, it is a result of the narrow-minded individuals who attempt to monopolize the narrative and demonize those with opposing views as villains and bigots.

Exposing the Group Admins’ Hypocrisy

The administrators of this group are skilled in the art of manipulation, expertly deflecting responsibility for their actions and those of their allies, instead of attributing negativity to others. While they publicly share eloquent odes to the town’s charm and their desire for positivity, behind the scenes, they actively sow discord and hostility. They permit targeted attacks on certain individuals while silencing anyone who dares to expose their role in fostering a toxic environment. Though they may deceive some, those willing to delve into the messages and texts can discern the true nature of their conduct.

My Personal Encounter with Discord & Censorship

Despite enduring months of relentless attacks and a blatantly defamatory petition, on February 18, 2023, I was informed by Casey Noble that I had been removed from the North Hanover Parent’s page for violating Rules 1-3 and 5.

When I inquired whether those targeting me online would face removal as well, Casey downplayed my concerns, stating that their decision stemmed from numerous reports about my posts. It seems they’ve taken on the role of moral arbiters, deciding which opinions are acceptable. Casey suggested reinstating my access to the page on the condition that I adhered to the rules, underscoring the page’s mission to share uplifting content. I seized the chance for a new beginning and a more fulfilling experience, trusting that others would be held to the same standard of positivity.

Admins Decline to Address Persistent Negativity

However, the anticipated positive environment never materialized. Negativity and continuous posting about me persisted, and when I questioned the administrators about the blatant rule-breaking, I received a disheartening response: “Please see the new Rule 6! We have merely created the page; we are not babysitting.”

The harassment intensified, with packages sent to my home, workplace, and school. When I sought help from the administrators based on posts on the page, I was accused of “harassing” them. Courtney’s unsympathetic response underscored their unwillingness to intervene: “That sounds like a ‘you’ problem. If you feel strongly enough, do as you wish. We are not babysitting the page.” There is clearly a two-tier system of enforcement.

The individuals fixated on my family and I remained unchallenged, and posts targeting my husband and I persisted, despite the rules prohibiting bullying and promoting positivity. Each time I attempted to defend myself, I was met with blame and criticism – a classic example of manipulation.

Déjà Vu: Removed Once More Without Justification

Recently, Hope shared a public record (text message) that the administrators deemed unsuitable, perhaps due to its implications involving them in the scheme. The post was promptly taken down. When I confronted the admins on the post about their selective enforcement of the rules, I found myself removed from the group yet again, this time solely for questioning the admins’ decision. Despite not making the post but merely objecting to the unequal treatment of group members, I was excluded. It seems they adhere to the well-known dictum of infamous dictators: never question authority.

Delighted by my absence and inability to defend myself, certain page members, including an anonymous participant, persisted in discussing my husband and me—how cowardly of them. Meanwhile, they continue to boast about their positivity and exceptional character, all while, in my opinion, maliciously mistreating people behind the scenes and online.

In my view, this group of women who manage the page has unmistakably exhibited an inability to uphold impartiality and ensure equal treatment for all community members. Consequently, they ought to seriously reassess their roles within the recreation committee. This unfortunate sequence of events not only tarnishes the committee’s reputation but also sparks concerns regarding the equitable representation and treatment of the entire community.

Accusations and Legal Threats by Casey & Courtney

In retrospect, my removal from the Parent Group was not entirely unexpected, considering that after I expressed my concerns to Casey regarding the UES posters, she accused me of harassment and texted my husband. She later threatened legal action and filed complaints with the police and Helen Payne, following my public disclosure of her support for certain controversial posters on a parent’s Facebook page while she held an elected position.

It seems that, in Casey’s view, only I, as a public figure, can be the focus of online discussions. The crucial distinction is that I never fabricated information about Casey; I merely shared her actual text messages and/or statements. From my perspective, it appears that Casey will go to great lengths to maintain a positive image while concealing her true actions.

Casey further asserted the preposterous accusation that I bullied her mother at the Easter parade—a claim her mother subsequently apologized for when I inquired about it (my daughter adores her mom). It seems to me that Casey is prone to hastily alleging bullying, harassment, and fear. This exhibits an extraordinary degree of fragility, particularly for someone occupying a leadership position within the town.

Casey was not the only one suggesting legal action against me or, at the very least, implying that it should be considered. Courtney, despite frequently seeking help from both Bryan and me, and expressing her open disdain for Helen Payne, emailed Helen claiming my exercise of free speech led to harsh and hurtful comments that could make me liable for defamation. Clearly, her grasp of the law is rather limited. It begs the question: who sends emails about such matters to the superintendent, and who has the time? Courtney even went to the extent of rallying people to attend the meeting in matching shirts, showcasing her commitment to the cause. To me, this seemed like a full-fledged witch hunt, with Courtney at the helm.


Courtney once questioned my ongoing concerns about the same three women overseeing the township pages. The answer is both simple and increasingly apparent: From my standpoint, these individuals stifle opposing views and employ any methods available to them to obscure the truth. Nevertheless, I maintain my belief that, in the end, the truth will triumph, allowing our town to heal and progress.


Now, authoring a blog on my personal site that reveals the covert operations of Courtney and Casey is being labeled as “bullying” and “harmful to children.” Let’s add this to the never-ending list of terms these individuals employ to stigmatize those who hold diverging opinions. It’s quite ironic that despite being kicked out of the group, they continue to keep me in their discussions. How truly amusing!


Disclaimer: I want to emphasize that the views and experiences shared in this blog post are based on my personal opinions and beliefs. By sharing my perspective, I aim to shed light on the situation and foster understanding. This blog is not intended to defame or malign any individual or party but to provide insight into my experiences within the context of this community.