Angela is a dynamic and accomplished individual, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table as a JD candidate ’23 at Villanova Law, a New Jersey certified school principal, supervisor, and director, and an experienced teacher. With a background in both general and special education, Angela has held leadership positions, including serving as a regional school board and county vice president, as well as being a NAFIS Federal Education Policy Advocate.

As a full-time advocate for children and parental rights in education, Angela understands the importance of empowering parents in their child’s educational journey. She believes that parents should have a say in the decisions that impact their child’s education and that they should have access to resources and support to help their child succeed. Angela’s advocacy work centers around the idea that all children deserve access to quality education and that parents play a crucial role in ensuring that their child receives the education they need to thrive. Through her blog, Angela hopes to raise awareness about the importance of parental rights in education and provide valuable insights and resources to help parents advocate for their child’s education. Whether it’s through sharing her own experiences or offering expert advice, Angela is dedicated to helping parents navigate the educational system and make informed decisions about their child’s education.